Mali Losinj boat charter (base)

Mali Losinj is the biggest town on the island, situated in the southern part of the bay Losinj. Thanks to this position it became an important nautical, commercial and tourist center. It is situated in the Augusta bay, te biggest closed bay on this island.

Except from the marina and harbor docks, it is possible to anchor on the western side of the island Koludarac, in the Artatura bay or near the coast between the Poljana cape and the marina.

Inside the marina the speed is limited and it is required to navigate without creating waves. The entrance and the stay in Kovcanja bay are not allowed. The northeast side of the harbor is reserved for liners and tourist boats. During daytime only a short stay is allowed.

Mali Losinj is now our new boat charter base, where you can directly charter your boat with rent a boat MCP Charter.
Our basis is situated only a few meters from Adria Oil Gasstation on the dock A. We are offering You in our fleet a vell known brend such as Benetetau, Courier, Sea Ray Motorboats, Inflatable boats and Yachts.