Kampor Bay boat charter

The village Kampor is located on the coast of the Kampor bay. The name has roman origine and comes from the word "campus" (field). It is not possible to build a harbour here, because of the shallow and muddy bottom.On the peak Kaštelina there are ruins of a roman villa.

Please pay attention to the non marked rock that is situated on the northern part, as well as to the shallow water on the western part, near the little island Maman.
Please pay attention to the rocks and to the shallow water near the north-east coast of the bay and the rock in front of the peak Kaštelina.

On the south-western part of the bay, 300-400 m from the coast, the sea is shallow. During the north-western winds you must leave the bay.
The anchoring is situated on the south of the Kaštelina peak where the shingly bottom is firm.

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